Connected Intelligence &
Autonomy Through AI

Our Mission

Low-Cost Global Constellation

AI-Network As a Service (NaaS) using the global transportation assets as a decentralized communications network



Our Product
The Neural Cloud

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Our Product Neural Cloud is a decentralized AI-Operating System that creates the Backbone of the Connected Intelligence and enables the new era of high-bandwidth global connectivity at low cost by networking the space, airborne and ground transport systems coupled with specific communication hardware.


Cloud-Free Learning for Autonomous Systems

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Neural Cloud solves the dynamic routing problem on any object on the move from space to ground and enables instant learning while providing high speed data transfer between connected nodes.

AI-Based Network
Operating System


Neural Cloud


High-Bandwidth Connectivity

  • High-bandwidth up to 100 Gb/s
  • Reliable Connectivity
  • Global data transfer between regions

System of Systems

  • Connected intelligence
  • No central control, Autonomous Learning
  • Decision Making under uncertainties

IIOT in Space /Sky / Ground on the move

  • Leverage global data from network nodes
  • Improve operational performance
  • Support the autonomous features
Neural Agent


Our Leadership has a demonstrated history of experience in Aerospace and AI over 65+ accumulative years.

Founding Advisor

Burak Uzman

Burak Uzman

(Boeing Company)
25+ Years in Aerospace

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Founder & CEO

Dr. Onur Deniz

Dr. Onur Deniz

PhD in Aerospace
and Artificial Intgelligence

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Board Member & Senior Advisor

Dirk Hoke

Dirk Hoke

Ex-Airbus Defense and Space CEOx

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Team Product Development

We unleash the potential of the world-class talents foolish for constant learning and discovering innovative solutions.

AI Research

Stefan Heidekrüger

Stefan Heidekrüger

Artificial Intelligence Expert, Ex-Telefonica Data Scientist

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Senior Lead AI Engineer

Dr. Nugroho Fredivianus

Dr. Nugroho Fredivianus

Artificial Intelligence Expert, 13 years in Reinforcement Learning and Multi-agent Systems

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Senior Research AI Engineer

Dr. Harald Bayerlein

Dr. Harald Bayerlein

Post Doc- Artificial Intelligence Expert
Machine Learning Methods for UAV-aided Wireless Networks

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Enabling the vision through active

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Watching your favorite Netflix movies or Meeting your family members, friends or colleagues in a metaverse while flying 30000 feet in the air will be possible.

Connect your mobility fleet
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Creating a local network and connectivity on desired city pairs enabled at low cost in magnitudes.

Extend your bandwidth
Global AI Mesh


AI-Driven Self-Learning systems without a central control enables autonomous features on the move and saves you costs in magnitudes.

Create your AI-Mesh-Network

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June 25, 2022


June 25, 2022

NeuralAgent and Airbus sign multi-year Cooperative Agreement for a new layer architecture of high-speed global data communications

Companies collaborate to develop AI-based dynamic algorithms, a crucial enabler to create future communication architectures.

Munich, Germany – NeuralAgent GmbH, has announced that the company has signed a cooperative research agreement with Airbus, headquartered in Toulouse, France, to investigate the use of AI-based algorithms for future communication systems.

NeuralAgent is working to develop software that can be deployed in a wide variety of applications, from IIoT to telecommunications. NeuralAgent and Airbus Central Research and Technology will explore the use of AI and Machine Learning techniques in future communication architectures as they relate to aircraft, satellites, and high altitude platforms. Such architectures are intended to augment the global data communications ecosystem for added capacity and open up a broad range of new services for people on the move.

“This opportunity combines the scale and operational expertise of the world's top aircraft manufacturer with an agile start-up that brings in state-of-the art artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to solve deep tech problems” said Dr. Onur Deniz, Chief Executive Officer of NeuralAgent.

Founded in 2021, in Munich, Germany, NeuralAgent is supported by the European Space Agency's (ESA) start-up incubator program focused on promoting pioneering companies with disruptive products in areas such as robotics, mobile communications, mobility, aviation, and satellites.

When asked about the CRA, NeuralAgent's board member and senior advisor, Dirk Hoke, responded “Europe needs to accelerate the development of key technologies such as AI, cloud storage, edge computing, and connectivity for both civil and defense applications. This partnership is a great foundation for building up AI capabilities that can be fielded in commercial aviation or in programmes such as FCAS.“


Investor Relations
Burak Uzman
+1 (240) 676-3127


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